Director: Ethan Hawke

Genre: artsy ensemble

PLOT The film interweaves the stories of several fictional tenants of New York’s Chelsea Hotel. All the characters are involved in the arts and it is shot in a laid back manner that suits the bohemian theme. This is not a film for everyone especially if you like a clear plot and storyline. If on the other hand you want to think and re-think your values and examine concepts of personal happiness and achievement then shake them up in a bag with a range of consequences which may ensue if you thumb your nose at conventional ideas and indeed how the people around you will be affected, then you might like it. If you found the last sentence confusing you probably won’t like the film much on the other hand if you are intrigued get yourself a bottle of red wine or whatever tipple takes your fancy and sit back to enjoy.

My Opinion: Definitely not a daytime film. I watched it late at night with only my wine and cigs for company and being a bit arty farty and castles in the air myself I found it both entertaining and thought provoking. My only complaint was that Vincent D’Onofrio didn’t have a larger part. I know he could have really done something special with this sort of material given half a chance


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I was quite excited about going to see it even though I knew my ab fab fav actor was featured for barely five minutes. I am rather fond of Vaughn and Aniston as I have watched them mature over the years and enjoyed some of their previous work.The film is bittersweet; more bitter than sweet, with two characters I did not care for. Brook was manipulative and whiney and Gary a man-child. Their siblings however stole the movie and far outshone the stars.The dinner party scene with their families, I believe was the highlight of the whole film and that was early on. The family were far more entertaining than Gary and Brooke, although there was barely a peep out of Gary's mother (at least I assume the little dark haired lady was his mother) nor a word from Dennis' wife. Their brothers were all totally different and extreme in their personalities and behavior, which made Gary and Brooke seem boring and devoid of color.Brook's 'in the closet' brother Richard was hilariously played by John Michael Higgins and his role was pure comedy. Gary and his brothers worked together in the family tour guide business. His brother Lupus (Cole Hauser) was an outrageous lecherous hedonist. His older brother Dennis (our Vincent) was controlling and awkward with two aims... a successful business on land, water and air and to be with his family.
As the film progressed, I empathized with Brook's feelings of being taken for granted, it all seemed so familiar, but I lost patience with Gary and his puerile antics. His best friend Johnny O, played by Jon Favreau, pulled no punches in telling Gary his faults and by the time the penny dropped it was too late.
Back to Vincent for a moment, he should have played Johnny O a role I believe Vincent would have made his own that would have added much needed depth and humor to the film.At the end of the day nothing changes... Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and that about sums it up. If you haven't seen the film in the cinema and are waiting to buy the DVD for our Vincent, I suggest you don't waste your money. I am disturbed that Vincent was involved in this bland project and I do hope we get to see him in more weighty roles in the future.


Director: Gary Fleder

Starring: Vincent D’Onofrio, Gary Sinese, Tony Shalhoub,

Madelaine Stone, Mekhi Phifer, Tim Guinee

Genre: action, suspense, sci fi

PLOT: Gary Sinise stars as Spencer Olham, a weapons expert in 2079 who finds himself accused of being an alien. He is hunted down by Major Hathaway (Vincent D'Onofrio). He receives help from an underground leader (Mekhi Pipher), and upon returning to the city, he must convince his wife, Maya (Madeleine Stowe), and his best friend, Nelson (Tony Shalhoub), that he is the real Spencer Oldham

My Opinion: I enjoyed this fast paced; Keep them guessing film which has us questioning the validity of our own judgments. The performances of all the main characters were excellent and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Portrayal of a hard nosed investigator novel and entertaining though I personally would have liked to see a bit more of him. My only complaint was that some of the scenes were shot with very little light and I wanted to shine a torch on them to get a better look.


Director: Josef Rusnak

Starring: Grechen Mol, Craig Bierko, VincentD’Onofrio,

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Sci Fi

Plot: when computer scientist Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) becomes a suspect in a murder investigation he decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances. Aided by his colleague, Wesley (Vincent D’Onofrio) he enters a parallel cyber-world, created by his murdered boss, to find some answers of his own. This film has a twist which leaves you questioning your own sense of reality.

My Opinion: This film in which all the main characters play two or more roles is just my cup of tea. It keeps you guessing right to the end and leaves you pondering big philosophical questions. Vincent D’Onofrio is highly convincing in both of his diametrically opposed roles but we have come to expect as much from this hugely talented actor. A film well worth watching in its own right it is needless to say immeasurably enhanced by the presence of our man VDO.


Directed by : Paul Sorvino

CAST : Vincent D’Onofrio, Terry Kinney, Tony Shalhoub, Gary Sinise, Paul Sorvino

Release Date: 1999

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary : The film tells the story of four men whose nostalgic yearning for the past

informs and colors their current relationships with each other through their former basketball coach’s reunions.

My Opinion : This film is not for everyone but I loved it all the actors were first class and their portrayal of the characters they played carefully layered to build up a picture of each one as an individual and the interactions between them. The story makes you think about the kind of expectations each of us have when we are young and the way in which events send us careering off down unexpected avenues.Vincent D’Onofrio plays the part of Phil, a rich but disillusioned playboy he is sort of sleazy on the surface but manages to show, ever so subtly, the soft underbelly of emotions which his apparent cynicism hides.One of the things that absolutely delighted me about the film as a whole was the way tension gradually built up to breaking point several times only to be dashed by some completely farcical event. Well worth having in your collection.


Vincent D’Onofrio – Cholo
Matilda May - Alba / Stephanie

Release Date: 12 February 1993 (Finland)

Genre: Drama / Romance

Plot Outline: Set in 1920s. A young European woman assumes a false identity to escape her loveless marriage to an older man. She gets more than she bargained for when the ship she is traveling on arrives in Argentina and she is entrapped by an unscrupulous brothel owner.

My Opinion: I adore this film, not only because of Vincent D’Onofrio’s sexy portrayal of Cholo and Matilda May’s excellent performance as his leading lady but because of the wonderful effect that the lighting has in setting the mood. Not just entertainment it’s art!

NB. Care should be taken when buying this film. My copy is VHS but there are a lot of poor black market DVDs out there so buyer beware, use a reputable dealer.

Dying Young

Starring: Julie Roberts, Colleen Dewhurst, Vincent D’Onofrio, Campbell Scott, David Selby

Director: Joel Schumacher

Released: June 21, 1991. USA

Genre: Drama, Romance


DyingYoung tells the story of an attractive young woman who accepts a job as carer to Victor Geddes, a young man suffering from cancer. When Victor completes his chemotherapy, they move to a house in the countryside so that he can live in a less controlled environment. The film portrays the hardships suffered by cancer patients and their loved ones heart wrenchingly well. Hankies may be needed

This is a moving film which is well worth watching, anyone who enjoyed Steel Magnolias will not be disappointed. Fans of Vincent D’Onofrio will enjoy seeing his portrayal of a local who becomes friendly with Victor and his nurse, though VDO does not play a major role the fact that the starring roles are well executed and the story holds the viewer’s interest throughout means that no fast forwarding is necessary.


Main Actors : Vincent D’Onofrio, Greta Scacchi.

Directed by : Andrew Birkin

Release Date: 17 September 1992 (Germany)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot Summary: A Scottish ex pat, who attends school in Paris
(Greta Scacchi) comes home for the summer She meets an
attractive local youth, (Vincent D’Onofrio)who she becomes
involved with despite their very different lifestyles The film
tells the story of their on again, off again relationship.

My opinion : This film is a must see for all D’Onofrio fans.
Not only is he too beautiful for words but his talent is superbly
utilized playing a part in which he appears to age more than
20 years. The only detractors are that Scacchi does not match
his talent and is much less convincing, especially in the early part
of the film and quite frankly I could have done without the voiceover.


ACTORS : Sheila Kennedy, Michael Sanville, Georgia Harrell,
Googy Gress , Vincent D'Onofrio

DIRECTORS : Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Synopsis: Four young campers who are trapped in a cave tell the stories of their first sexual experiences.

Runtime: 88 minutes

My opinion: This was the worst movie that I have never seen. I say that because it was so awful that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it all.Thank God for fast forward.
Vincent D'Onofrio fans should not be tempted to buy this film on account of his being in it. He plays a very small part (Lobotomy) and I daresay if his involvement in any film makes him cringe this one is favorite.