Vincent D’Onofrio – Cholo
Matilda May - Alba / Stephanie

Release Date: 12 February 1993 (Finland)

Genre: Drama / Romance

Plot Outline: Set in 1920s. A young European woman assumes a false identity to escape her loveless marriage to an older man. She gets more than she bargained for when the ship she is traveling on arrives in Argentina and she is entrapped by an unscrupulous brothel owner.

My Opinion: I adore this film, not only because of Vincent D’Onofrio’s sexy portrayal of Cholo and Matilda May’s excellent performance as his leading lady but because of the wonderful effect that the lighting has in setting the mood. Not just entertainment it’s art!

NB. Care should be taken when buying this film. My copy is VHS but there are a lot of poor black market DVDs out there so buyer beware, use a reputable dealer.


JoJo said...

I scored this off eBay for about $50 and it was worth every single penny. He was scorching hot. Oh to have been Alba!!

cathy said...

Your right but it pays to shop around. some of his films get really inflated prices then drop back to normal.

vpdzoo said...

I can't wait till the prices drop back then. Every time I try to find one like this or Pelham123 they are way out of my price range.

val said...

I challenge anyone to refrain from steaming watching this movie - hot is a real understatement.

You are right, Cathy, it really is a work of art.

monkeedo said...

There are two endings for this film. I hated both. But loved the film itself. And, of course, Cholo! Such passion. Talk about your tall, dark, silent type. But I think the only thing that I really could have done without was the filming of his feet. Somehow, they just looked too dainty & effeminate to be a size 13!

cathy said...

vpdzoo- it's sometimes just a matter of luck.
val- It gave me the vapours.
monkeedo- re feet, that's because of the spats,I didn't like the macaroni crate comment, it didn't fit in with my image of the character

l'oreal said...

this is one of my favorite movies. im glad to see you've enjoyed it.

and lets not deny- vincent is drop dead sexy in this pic

ann said...

well yes, I do confess to watching this film fairly often. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece and I often wonder what Vincent really thinks of it.

I found the grainy look most effective, but the music disappointed as did the dancing. For a film with the word Tango in the title I anticipated more... the dance scenes hardly evoked the passion and heat that one associates with Tango.

Any hotness in this film is certainly not from the story, the music or the characters... only from vdo looking so darn hot, compelling and mysterious.

It is not a good film, but from the viewpoint of a vdo fan we see it from a different dimension

oh and the feet... I'm sure they weren't his!

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