Dying Young

Starring: Julie Roberts, Colleen Dewhurst, Vincent D’Onofrio, Campbell Scott, David Selby

Director: Joel Schumacher

Released: June 21, 1991. USA

Genre: Drama, Romance


DyingYoung tells the story of an attractive young woman who accepts a job as carer to Victor Geddes, a young man suffering from cancer. When Victor completes his chemotherapy, they move to a house in the countryside so that he can live in a less controlled environment. The film portrays the hardships suffered by cancer patients and their loved ones heart wrenchingly well. Hankies may be needed

This is a moving film which is well worth watching, anyone who enjoyed Steel Magnolias will not be disappointed. Fans of Vincent D’Onofrio will enjoy seeing his portrayal of a local who becomes friendly with Victor and his nurse, though VDO does not play a major role the fact that the starring roles are well executed and the story holds the viewer’s interest throughout means that no fast forwarding is necessary.


ann said...

Ah... Dying Young. I confess I have watched it several times, but I also have to confess that I'm not a great fan of JR and so pleased there was no real love interest between her and our man, but wasn't he just so darn cute at the party.

Somehow I just don't see vdo and jr together in any movie.

You're right, I never fast forward just to see vdo; the film stands up very well on its own.

JoJo said...

I didn't think I'd like this movie but I did, esp. b/c it was shot in my old stomping grounds of San Francisco and Mendocino, so I knew all the locales very well. And Vincent....my he was just gorgeous, but he should have had a bigger role.

val said...

Erm...I fast-forwarded to Vincent's parts. (If only I could in real life!)

I look destined to bring your blog comments down to groin level, I'm afraid.

cathy said...

ann- I like JR she has a nice smile.
jojo- He should always have the biggest role.
Val- groin is good, must review something sexy:)