Main Actors : Vincent D’Onofrio, Greta Scacchi.

Directed by : Andrew Birkin

Release Date: 17 September 1992 (Germany)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot Summary: A Scottish ex pat, who attends school in Paris
(Greta Scacchi) comes home for the summer She meets an
attractive local youth, (Vincent D’Onofrio)who she becomes
involved with despite their very different lifestyles The film
tells the story of their on again, off again relationship.

My opinion : This film is a must see for all D’Onofrio fans.
Not only is he too beautiful for words but his talent is superbly
utilized playing a part in which he appears to age more than
20 years. The only detractors are that Scacchi does not match
his talent and is much less convincing, especially in the early part
of the film and quite frankly I could have done without the voiceover.


ann said...

well the opening scene informed the rest of the film; that church gave it away that he would die, so all along I was waiting waiting waiting.

George irritated me no end; her performance as a young student was unrealistic. The story disturbed me. She could have had him; she rejected him, but she still had to have a nibble, a little taste of him year in year out.

Gavin should have been strong and said no; all or nothing. She belittled him with her superior snobbish attitude, but in a way it was just desserts because in his own way he was no better carrying on the affair and deceiving his wife.

I have not read the book and would be interested to know how true to it the film was... maybe the voiceover was the best way they could interpret the book, but the way it was done was wishy washy.

as a vdo fan I found his performance interesting; the beard however was poor.

in some parts the films leaves a lot to be desired... excuse the pun

cathy said...

I agree completely though I was planning to leave some surprises for anyone who hadn't seen it. Maybe I was too brief,must try harder

val said...

Here's the intellectual comment.

He was so HOT in this movie!

cathy said...

val - Down girl!

violetflame said...

the voice overs left me cold and annoyed too. gretas character george was a pretentious twit-however i did like this movie more than i thought i would. vincents character was too much of a sweet masochist for my taste,but he was of course hot.....

cathy said...

I find the best way to deal with it is the mute button.

Janey said...

Great Idea to have a review blog for his movies, I love this film, as I am an incurable romantic-I was really irked by George's attitude also, and she realised, to late, that she always loved him. Gavin tries his best not to be tempted by her, but because he is so madly in love he cannot help it but rightly tells her off for being a snobby cow! she breaks his heart everytime yet he comes back to her [silly man although maybe he thinks her attitude would change over the years-poor Gavin] or she runs to him whenever she needs solace-they are both stupid in their choices but both realise that the barrier of class cannot be overcome-the love scenes were well choreographed and discreet with the camera work, Vincent's sense of humour also came into play making it easier for his girlfriend and co-star, Greta to do those scenes [ given that he doesn't particularly like doing love scenes ]by "mucking about" in one scene-the movie and book is based on true real-life people, I say the real George was an idiot too for letting Gavin go. PS I agree Vincent is HOT in it.