Director: Josef Rusnak

Starring: Grechen Mol, Craig Bierko, VincentD’Onofrio,

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Sci Fi

Plot: when computer scientist Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) becomes a suspect in a murder investigation he decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances. Aided by his colleague, Wesley (Vincent D’Onofrio) he enters a parallel cyber-world, created by his murdered boss, to find some answers of his own. This film has a twist which leaves you questioning your own sense of reality.

My Opinion: This film in which all the main characters play two or more roles is just my cup of tea. It keeps you guessing right to the end and leaves you pondering big philosophical questions. Vincent D’Onofrio is highly convincing in both of his diametrically opposed roles but we have come to expect as much from this hugely talented actor. A film well worth watching in its own right it is needless to say immeasurably enhanced by the presence of our man VDO.


JoJo said...

I really enjoyed this movie and I liked the concept a lot of going back in time and being 2 characters. Ashton and Whitney were well played by Vincent. And Craig Bierko is easy on the eyes too.

One of the VDO bloggers out there, Finn, does a lot of fanfic about "Ash & Whit", as she calls them.

vpdzoo said...

I also enjoyed this film. It was visually interesting and well done.

val said...

As this is one of the few VDO films they ever show on TV in England, it was one of the first of his I ever saw. Whitney and Ashton are both so interesting, and of course I usually prefer the bad boy...

Eliza said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this film :-D

to be more specific,I love Ash & Whit...which is all Finn's fault of course.I'd seen it a few times before,but after reading her fanfics about the boys I watch it from a different viewpoint.

Finn actually has a whole website dedicated to 13F which is well worth a visit.Lots of articles and pictures.

Eliza xxxxx

ann said...

one of my ab fab fav's Cathy, but as Eliza said we can blame Finn for that and his shipping of Whit/Ash

Oh I adore Whitney, love love love him to bits.

The shame of this film is that I believe the Matrix came out around the same time... otherwise I think this one would be at the top of sci-fi movies.

The strange thing is I know it's shown in Israel a lot, which may explains Finn's addiction.

Unfortunately I found too many scenes shot too darkly... that is one of my bugbears when I have to strain to see what's going on.

The storyline is clever and requires a level of concentration which keeps one's interest.

Val said...

Keep up the good work.